Probate genealogists

Squat Solutions calls upon probate genealogists to identify the successors of deceased owners whose property is squatted in.

When we are informed of the existence of a squatted property by one of our partners, we carry out a land registry search to know the identity of the owner. Unfortunately, the owners are, quite often, deceased. We then seek the assistance of a probate genealogist so that he may find the inheritors of the property.

In addition, genealogists in charge of succession are often confronted with two complex situations, which Squat Solutions has made its speciality: a squatted property or contentious co-ownership. In these two cases, the inheritors represented by the genealogist often seek our assistance for a quicker resolution of the succession.

Search for heirs

Probate genealogists make use of all the human and material resources at their disposal in order to find the heirs. The slightest clue may be useful, such as a family record book, a name or even an address to begin investigations. Through research on the ground and in various archives, probate genealogists draw up a genealogical table so as to not exclude an inheritor.