Only bailiffs are authorised to evict squatters. They are thus indispensable partners of Squat Solutions.

To enter into a squatter eviction procedure, the owner of the squatted property must, on the one hand, show that his property is occupied, and on the other, obtain the exact identity of at least one occupant without right or title present on the premises. The collection of the occupant’s identity often proves to be very difficult and necessitates a summons for questioning through the court bailiff.

Do you need a bailiff? From now on, you must call on the services of a judicial commissioner. Indeed, since 1 July 2022, bailiffs and auctioneers have become judicial commissioners.

Since 1 February 2022, you can be accompanied by a court commissioner at all stages of the administrative procedure to evict squatters.

This assistance includes

  • establishing the illegal occupation ;
  • assistance in filing a complaint;
  • drafting the request to the prefect and following up on the procedures with the prefecture.

If this is unsuccessful, it may be followed by support in legal proceedings.

In the context of legal proceedings, lawyers will apply to the judicial court (formerly the court of first instance) of the place of residence of the squatted premises for eviction by means of a summons delivered by a bailiff to the occupants.

If all goes well, the judge will order the eviction of the occupants. If the premises are still occupied on the effective date of the order to vacate, the court commissioner will request the assistance of the public force from the prefecture of the department.

Alexandre Alleno, court bailiff

In the Paris region, we work with Alexandre Alleno. Court bailiff in Montreuil, he works in many domains and especially in matters concerning the notification of documents, declaration of service of process, legal consultation and advice. He is an indispensable interlocutor in the squatter eviction process.