The core of Squat Solutions’ occupation is the management of contentious situations concerning real estate. Lawyers are indispensable for resolving this conflict.

Purchase of squatted real estate

Often, the cases are very simple: Squat Solutions buys the squatted property and negotiates with the squatters who leave on their own. But often, the eviction of squatters necessitates a legal proceeding.

In such a case, Squat Solutions works with two lawyers: Mr Raphaël Richemond and Mr Grégory Cherqui.

Purchase of undivided shares

Before considering our remedy, co-owners of an undivided property seeking to exit their situation usually seek the assistance of a lawyer. The latter advise them of their rights and the necessary procedures required to invoke the authority of the High Court (Tribunal de grande instance) in order to proceed with its auction sale. If the situation proves to be too complex for resolution within a reasonable time period, the lawyer may suggest the sale of their undivided shares to his clients. He will help them in this process.

Mr Grégory CHERQUI and Mr Raphaël RICHEMOND, lawyers

Mr Grégory CHERQUI, Counsel, member of the Paris Bar since more than 20 years, and Mr Raphaël RICHEMOND, Counsel, member of the Paris and New York Bars, operate side by side in all domains of real estate law (legal proceedings, legal advice and pre-litigation management), across France.

Among their skills, they notably possess experience with and a comprehensive knowledge of eviction procedures for squatters and unscrupulous tenants; procedures whose workings they have mastered.