Why does exiting from undivided ownership often happen by auction?

If undivided co-owners representing at 2/3 of the undivided rights wish to sell the property, and the remaining one-third continues to refuse to sell, they must approach the High Court (Tribunal de grande instance) which shall proceed with its auction sale. Learn more about the determination of undivided ownership.

After eviction, do the squatters usually come back?

Normally, no; frequently, yes. If it is not the evicted squatter, then it is often his friends. We had a case in which the owner saw his apartment squatted in 3 times in succession by the same squatter. And this was despite the installation of an anti-squatter door. So it was necessary to carry out … Read More

How does Squat Solutions evaluate the value of undivided shares?

Squat Solutions purchases undivided shares in real estate property. Therefore, we evaluate the value of the real estate. The evaluation is done by 3 real estate agencies. It involves establishing a sales price independent of the deadlock situation. Then we evaluate the cost of possible future procedures. These costs depend on the complexity of the … Read More

Does the winter ban on tenant eviction apply to squatters?

The ELAN law of 24 November 2018 differentiates the scheme of application of the winter ban on tenant eviction depending on whether the squatting relates to the primary residence of the victim or one of his/her secondary residences in the broad sense of the term. Therefore, when the squatted-in locations constitute the primary residence of … Read More