Purchase of undivided shares

By selling us your undivided shares, you considerably shorten the period which separates you from exiting the co-ownership.

You are currently in a complex situation:

→ You feel that the impasse has been continuing for a long time.

→ You wish to regain tranquillity and put an end to the conflict which places you in opposition to your brothers and sisters or other co-owners.

→ You do not wish to bequeath to your children, a family house which is in a coparcenary with their uncles and aunts.

→ You wish to avoid a legal dispute.

→ You can no longer assume the costs connected with the property in undivided ownership.

→ The dispute is very lengthy, and you are in of need money now.

We purchase your undivided shares:

→ You can be sure of the sale: our offers are firm and without condition precedents of loans.

→ We will assist you at every stage of the exit from the co-ownership.

→ You are, therefore, completely free of all obligations vis-à-vis other co-owners.

At what price we buy your undivided shares:

→ We estimate the value of the real estate property. The evaluation is done by 3 real estate agencies. It involves establishing a sales price independent of the deadlock situation.

→ We estimate the cost of possible future procedures. These costs depend on the complexity of the case.

squat-solution-sortie-indivision-camembert1 Purchase of undivided shares

Siblings are in co-ownership of the family house. A brother refuses to sell.

squat-solution-sortie-indivision-camembert2 Purchase of undivided shares

By selling their shares to Squat Solutions, the rest of the siblings are set free from the co-ownership arrangement.

Josette at Saint-Ouen, and example of a contentious co-ownership resolved by Squat Solutions

The children of Josette are owners of a building situated in Saint-Ouen, a suburb of Paris. Josette has usufructuary rights in it. Although this building, which was made up of 26 rented apartments, was usually undisturbed, drug dealers began to occupy the common areas during the night. This occupation caused 20 tenants to leave. The empty apartments were then taken over by squatters. In addition to the loss of income for the owners, the building suffered serious defacements. So Josette wanted her children to sell the building. For this, the unanimity of the co-owners was needed. But the elder son refused. He contested the part that was to come to him. Flitting from case to case and lawyer to lawyer, Josette’s endeavours to exit from the co-ownership lasted for 13 years.

Josette then sought the assistance of Squat Solutions, which quickly offered to buy the building from the siblings. Once again, the elder son refused. Squat Solution first tried to find the middle ground by discussion, trying to understand the elder son’s refusal. With no success. Squat Solutions then offered to buy their undivided shares from Josette, her daughter and her younger son. So Squat Solutions turned out to be the 80% owner of the property; the older son, the 20% owner. It took 6 months for the latter to realise the absurdity of the situation and the difficulties that lay ahead. He then sold his undivided shares to Squat Solutions. Today, Squat Solutions has evicted the squatters, renovated and resold the building. Josette has no more worries, while her three children have put an end to the dispute and received their inheritance.

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